What matters education or standard of education?

Parents are very much concern about their children’s education. They put every single effort to provide best education to their children. Today starts with a competition and end up on result. A world of education become a competition world and growing quickly than anything.
Students daily going to school and learn a textbook of 150 pages and write all in exams that learnt from those books. But what beyond this 150 pages text book. Whenever a student decide to make his/her profession in a particular field then he/she will start learning about that but only for marks and degree. Where profession goes? All a student decide a profession but he/she is running behind the numbers and parents running behind the top schools and colleges who provide extra comfort facilities. Now answer a question, here education matters or standard of institute? Some institutes said they are providing standard of education but what is the difference between education and standard of education? Does education now-a-days owns a standard?
So, parents start thinking about standard of education and put every effort for their loving children so he/she may get admission in that institute.
Some successful people get education from top school and become successful. So, does your child is him. That successful people learn things by his own and remembered what taught in school only school lectures never make you successful or what you want to become, you have to give extra time on you.
I only try to explain that schools doesn’t make successful people or good soul. Great mind criminals also from some top school and all successful people are not from top or any school.
What condition and environment made him successful that matters. No education make your child successful instead he try to make successful himself.
Don’t put burdens on kids, try to give them free and stress less environment. One will never learn from textbooks because they are limited to pages. One will learn with real life scenario’s and step to step visualization. Make students human not a 21 century robots that only think about success and success. And never disappointed with ‘fail’ word because it only means ‘First Attempt In Life’. A child who know about his goals will definately try to achieve them and one who doesn’t have then ask him about his goals and show him path but don’t pressurize to select one that he never want.
Student select only which type of education he/she wants. No one will help to decide this, no friend, no institute and no one. Standard of education doesn’t matter, matter is only right education that one will get from anywhere.


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