Moving steps towards success, what matters good luck or hard work?

Friendship is everything, it helps you to succeed or even brings you down. It depends on the type of friendship you did. Everyone wants to be successful, today I'm giving a beautiful gift in the form of thought or knowledge that somewhere helps you to get success. 

Good luck and hard work they are both dominant best friends of success. Wherever they both will go, success will go there. Remember a simple thought, these three are the best friends, so wherever they go together they will stay long. So, a simple question for you. Which friend you love most in three of these? Let me tell you I'm magician by the way and I know your answer is success. I know I know I'm good in magic. Now it's clear that we love success, so to be a successful person we need both of its best friends if one of its friend will come then it will not stay forever. These three best friends must be together under one roof if you want success with you forever. 

What people believes?

People believes that hard work and good luck has approx. equal or nearby ratios for success but actually don't have a ratio like 70% hard work and 30% good luck will lead to success or we say 40% good luck and 60% hard work will work, naah its only a hype. The thing that matters is their presence, not their presence in above formatted ratio because even 1% of hard work and 99% good luck or vice-versa also helps to get success. The total of their ratio must be 100% but who is more and who is less doesn't matter. 

What science and nature thinks?

Let's discuss it from the astrology and science perspective. Believers trust that presence of planets and their position creates a big impact on our life. Newton law applicable here, you are great newton. He stated that, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", I know you know that law. Same here, if planet position changes that mean factors on our life changes. To change the planet position believers do mantra chanting, havan, donate some things, and much more. Actually what they are trying to do is to communicate with that planet with their spins (in quantum physics, the smallest particle of an atom is quark and quark has spin and everything has made up of atom that means everything has quark inside it. Poet says, distance doesn't matter between quarks communication if their spin matches they will act same) and try to match the spin so we instruct them how to behave and where they have to move. 
That indicates one thing if we continue communication with the planets or whatever is in the sky (source of energy) and accurately done this process that means we gain success in the work. As written in 'The Secrets' book, if you want to achieve something believe in that on daily basis and do your work according but never lose your hope in your work or whatever you are doing. 
Everything points to the same thing, we are trying to match spin and instruct them (source of energy)  we want this and we need it. For that, we do hard work, and the sky (source of energy) will help us in form of good luck. So the same here, if two dominant best friends come ( good luck and hard work) and success (third-best friend) will also come with these two friends and stay forever with you like your best friend.