Ireava ERP Lesson Plan Management Module Manual

Lesson Plan

Ireava provides complete lesson planning solutions to manage topic-wise content, syllabus status, and so on.

This module has 4 sections -

1. Add Lesson

2. Add Topic

3. Manage Lesson Plan

4. Manage Syllabus Status

First, we will add all lesson under a subject then we will add all topics under a lesson then we will add the lesson plan for the selected period from the teacher’s time table then we can mark the subject lesson topic as complete after it

finally, we can check the lesson plan reports.

1. Add Lesson- Go to Lesson Plan > Lesson, here select Class, Section, Subject Group and Subject then enter Lesson Name, to add multiple Lesson click on Add More button then finally click on Save button. Added Lesson can be viewed at the right side, Lesson List.

2. Add Topic- Go to Lesson Plan > Topic, here select Class, Section, Subject Group and Subject lesson then enter Topic Name, to add multiple Topic click on Add More button then finally click on Save button. Added Topic can be viewed on the right side, Topic List.

3. Manage Lesson Plan- Go to Lesson Plan > Manage Lesson plan, select Teacher for which you want to add Lesson Plan (all teacher’s whose timetable is created will show in Manage Lesson Plan dropdown). Here at any period + sign button will show to Add Lesson Plan window for a selected teacher.

(Note: To create Lesson Plan first you should prepare Class Timetable from Academics > Class Timetable. Lesson Plan can be created teacher wise so once you created Class Timetable for the class so it will reflect in Manage Lesson Plan, select Teacher dropdown.)

Click on the + icon button to enter Lesson, Topic Sub Topic, (Date, Time From, Time To will become automatically from the period), Lecture YouTube URL (if you have lecture recorded video uploaded on YouTube), Lecture Video (if you have lecture recorded video file. Uploading video file size will depend on your server's max upload size, max post size, and maximum execution time. By default, in Smart School 1 GB file size upload is set to be allowed), Attachment (any teaching material which will be available for student download), Teaching Methods, General Objectives, Previous Knowledge, Comprehensive Questions, Presentation (you can also add an image in presentation from Add Image button present above the presentation field) details for Lesson Plan then finally click on Save button. You can import lessons using a CSV file. Follow the pattern defined in the CSV to import lessons using the CSV file. After adding the Lesson plan two options will show to View details and Edit Lesson plan. After adding the Lesson Plan, it will be available for students to view the Lesson Plan on the student panel Lesson Plan page.

4. Manage Syllabus Status- Go to Lesson Plan > Manage Syllabus Status, here select Class, Section, Subject Group, and Subject then click on Search button here all available Lesson-Topic will show.

Click on the toggle button present on the Action column to change the status (complete/incomplete) of the Topic.

(Note: You can set status only for Topic. Lesson and a Subject complete percentage are based on the Topic.

Reports Available:

  1. Syllabus Status Report
  2. Topicwise Done Report
  3. Chapterwise Done Report
  4. Content Upload Report
  5. Subject Syllabus Report
  6. Content Uploaded Report
  7. Pending Syllabus Report