Ireava ERP Online Exam Management Module Manual

 Online Examination

Ireava provides you with completely online exam management. Conduct online exams, get record history, update results, and provide solution files.

This module has 2 sections -

1. Create Online Exam

2. Add Question Bank

First, we will enter questions in Question Bank then create an exam in Online Exam Further students can take online exams from their student panel and see exam results when the result will be published.

1. Add Question Bank- Go to Online Examination > Add Question Bank Here you can see a list of all questions.

To add new questions, click on the Add Question button. Now select Subject, select question type (a select type of question you want to enter in the examination), question marks, negative marks (use it if you want to deduct marks if student attempt a question wrong), partial marks (use if you want to give partial marks to the students for half right but not wrong), unattempt marks (use it if you want to deduct marks for unattempted question), question tag (enter it for filtering the question in question bank or use it during assigning questions to the exam), enter Question, then Option A, Option B, Option C, Option D and Option E (if available) then select correct answer of the question then click on Save button.

2. Create Online Exam- Go to Online Examination > Create Online Exam here we will see a list of available online exams. To add a new exam, click on the Add Exam button. On the Online Exam, List page click on Assign / View Student button to add students to this exam. Now at the Online Exam List page click on the Add Question button to add questions to this exam. Now Online Exam has been created and students now can attempt this exam from their student panel.


1. To add the marks of the subjective questions, go to the reports > online exam management > enter subjective marks. 

2. If the exam result is published then you can't edit exam marks.

Reports Available:

  1. Student Attempt Report
  2. Student Pass/Fail Report
  3. Student Answer Report
  4. Student Total Exams Report
  5. Examswise Report
  6. Rank Report