Ireava ERP Student Management Module Manual

Student Management

Ireava provides you a complete student management system. Add new students, track students' record, manage their activities, and a lot more features.

This module has 12 sections -

1. Add Student Categories

2. Add Student House

3. Add Students

4. Student 360 Profile

5. Online Admission Book

6. Disabled Students

7. Multi Class Student

8. Wrong Entries Delete

9. Disable Reason

10. Student Image Upload

11. App Download Status

12. Students Documents

First, we will add Student Categories, School House then take Student Admission then search Students Details.

1. Add Student Categories- Go to Student Management > Student Categories Add all student categories here. Student categories can be caste, community or group wise.

2. Add Student House- Go to Student Management > Student House Add all student house here. The student house is also another type of grouping of students.

3. Add Students- Go to Student Management > Add Students basic details Admission No (if you want to use auto-generation of student admission number then enable it from System Setting > General Setting), Roll No (this roll number is just for reference purpose, when you will generate student admit card from examination module then a roll number will be auto-generate for the corresponding exam), select Class and Section, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Category, Religion, Caste, Student Mobile Number, Email, Admission Date, Student Photo, Blood Group, Student House, Height, Weight, As on Date if this student has a sibling and already study in this school then click on Add Sibling button and select sibling (note that if a student has more than one sibling study in school then you do not have to select all the siblings just select any one sibling and the system automatically detects other siblings), add student Father, Mother and Guardian details. Now click on the Save button to complete student admission, if you want to add more details of student like Student Address Details, Transport Route Details, Hostel Details, Miscellaneous Details, RTE (Right to Education - in some countries, there is a government-funded scheme under which students get free education and government pay fees for these students) and Upload Documents then click on Add More Detail button. Student admission, admit students in by default in current selected session. To importing bulk students for admission, click on upper right-side Import Student button. Now select class and section and browse .csv and click on Import Students Data file to import student data. Using student import you should enter unique student admission number because even if you have enabled auto-generation of student admission number. You can download sample .csv file by clicking the upper right Download Sample Import File button. Note that by importing bulk student you have to update the student record for proper admission record. 

Note: Date format for the dob and admission date will be yyyy-mm-dd and don't use / or \ int the admission number.

4. Student 360 Profile- Go to Student Management > Student 360 Profile select Class and Section and click on the Search button to get student list under this class-section. You can also search student by keyword in Search Input Box and click on Search button. After search, you will get student list below. There are two views here one is List View and Details View. Every row has three buttons on the right side Show (to see student profile), Edit (to edit student profile), and Add Fee (to add student fees). Click on the Show button to open student profile. Student profile page provides 360* View of student, consist student basic details, address details, parent / guardian details, miscellaneous details, fees details, exam details, subject details, documents and timeline related to student. You can check student and their guardian login credentials by clicking on Login Details link. If any student gets admitted by mistake and we need to Disable student then you can click on the red color hands down icon button. After clicking it a window will appear and ask you to select for disable reason for this student, just select disable reason. To send a student/parent password click on the 3 dot icon button.

5. Online Admission Book- Go to Student Management > Online Admission Book. Through online admission, students can register themselves from front site. To use online admission first it should be enabled from System Settings > General Setting. Online admission forms can be accessed directly from URL To use it in fronsite you must add this url in any menu from front cms. After student record submission from front site it will be displayed on the Student Information > Online Admission page. To admit / enrol this student just edit this student by clicking Edit button from the Action column. At student edit page enter required details of student then click on Save if you just want to save the student submitted record but to admit / enrol student you must click on Save And Enroll button. After this student will be admit and can be view in Student Admission > Student Details. If you want to delete the online submitted details of students then just click on the Delete button from the Action column.

6. Disabled Student- Go to Student Management > Disabled Student here you can view all Disabled Students. Enable student again, you have to select in which class and session you want to enable that student again.

7. Multi Class Student- Go to Student Management > Multi Class Student here you can add a student in another class section. Basically, this feature is for training or coaching centers where a student can be admitted in singing class and dancing class simultaneously. Multi class feature is not for schools or colleges. Multi class feature is still in experimental stage and we recommend to not use the multi-class features with multi-session. Multi class feature is online available for admin and student panel.

8. Wrong Entries Delete- Go to Student Management > Wrong Entries Delete here you can delete single or multiple students. Note that after deleting students from here will delete from system and further student will not be rollback.

9. Disable Reason- Go to Student Management > Disable Reason here you can enter master entries for reasons for disabling students.

10. Student Image Upload- Go to Student Management > Student Image Upload here you can upload multiple images at a time class wise (student admission number will be the student image name. Ex: student ‘a’ has an admission number 133 then image name will be 133.jpg or 133.png anyone).

11. App Download Status- Go to Student Management > App Download Status, here you can check the details of the students who logged into their portal first time via web or application. That indicates, active students successfully used their login credentials and inactive students didn’t logged in yet. You can create SMS schedule for inactive students to automatic remind them for login with the help of SMS and Email. You can send individual alert to the students also. You can download a report of the students


12. Students DocumentsGo to Student Management > Students Documents here you can find folders that you have to create in the system setting module. Select the folder then filter students' using the class and section search. You can find all the student's documents of that type of document that you have created for that folder. Example: To store all the previous year mark sheets of the students' create folder "previous year mark sheet" in the system setting > Student Docs Folder. Upload every student mark sheet in that folder during admission time or by clicking on student profile view > Documents. Also, students can upload their documents using their application or web portal. You can delete the document if wrong uploaded and provide a reason for delete with it. This module helps to get all the same types of documents in one place. 

Reports Available:

  1. New Admissions Report
  2. Old Admissions Report
  3. Active Students Report
  4. Disabled Students Report
  5. Alumni Students Report
  6. Student History Report
  7. Student Login Status Report
  8. Student Profile Report
  9. Student Gender Report
  10. Student Birthday Report
  11. Student Siblings Report
  12. Student Guardian Report
  13. Student Teacher Report
  14. Online Admissions Report
  15. At School Admissions Report