Ireava ERP Live Classes Module Manual

 Live Classes

Ireava provides live classes integration to the schools so that they can teach students online and also can provide recorded video lectures for study.

This module has 2 sections -

1. Add Live Classes

2. Live Class Report

1. Add Live Classes- Go to add live classes > select the type of the live class you are using for the live class, add title, select all days if URL is same for all days, from date to date, from time to time, class and section, live class join URL and description. 

Students will get the push notification on the application 5 mins before and the joining button will be displayed instead of the URL.

2. Live Class Report- Go to live class report > there is an option to select a date for which you can filter completed live classes by selecting the past date and by future dates you can check upcoming classes. On the current date, you can go to ongoing classes there you can check the number of students who joined the class by clicking on the eye icon and join the class by clicking on the join button.

Also, by clicking the completed classes, click the eye icon to check the students who joined the class with the join and leave time.