Ireava ERP Startup Guide Module Manual

Startup Guide

Ireava provides you complete assistance, useful software links with one click, a guidebook, and a chance to get a discount on the license or get cashback on referrals.

This module has 4 sections -

1. Free License Offers

2. User Manual

3. Useful Links

4. Contact Us

1. Free License Offers - Go to Startup Guide > ERP Referral Offers, you will get extra earning offers in the section. Refer to any of your school friends and on successful joining of that school, you will get a discount in ERP license or cash.

2. User Manual- Go to Startup Guide > User Manual, you will find the user manual for the ERP.

3. Useful Links- Go to Startup Guide > Useful Links, you will get the useful links that will help you in the daily work process.

4. Contact Us- Go to Startup Guide > Contact Us, you can contact us on WhatsApp or direct mail us your issue/feedback using the form.