Ireava ERP Settings Module Manual

ERP Settings

Change most of the system view and many settings like you want.

This module has 19 sections -

1. General Setting

2. Session Setting

3. Notification Setting

4. SMS Setting

5. Email Setting

6. Payment Methods

7. Website CMS Setting

8. Roles Permissions

9. Backup / Restore

10. Languages

11. Users

12. Modules

13. Custom Fields

14. System Fields

15. Shortcut Keys

16. Student Profile Rights

17. Multi Fees Book

18. Holidays Calendar

19. Students Docs Folder

1. General Setting- Go to System Settings > General Setting Here update your School Name, Address, Phone, Email, School Code (School Code is your school affiliation/accreditation no) Session (current running Academic Session for the school), Session Start Month Attendance Type, Language (Language in which you want to run your Ireava School), Language RTL Text Mode (for Arabian side languages) Date Format and Timezone Currency (ISO standard 3 digit currency code), Currency Symbol and Currency Symbol Place Admission No, Admission No Prefix, Admission no digit, Admission Start From Auto Staff ID, Staff ID Prefix, Staff no digit, Staff ID Start From Duplicate Fees Invoice, Fees Due Days (used in Fees Carry Forward), Teacher Restricted Mode (if this Teacher Restricted Mode feature is Enabled then teachers will not have access to all students data, that means class teachers can access their allotted class whole data and subject teachers can access for only those classes student data for which they have assigned as a subject teacher), Online Admission, online admission payment used to enable admission payment (which is added in the fees master) during admission, online admission url and scholarship test url added for the application sign in screen, live class attendance is used to mark attendance auto during live class, disable student login used to disable the student login if student is disabled for any reason. Finally, select your current admin theme primary color (main color of the panel) and secondary color (sidemenu select  and hover color) then click on the Save button to update the record.

For updating your school print logo (used in fees receipt and payslip print) go to  System Settings > General Setting on the lower left side click on the Edit Print Logo button (it is recommended for a logo to use .png image with transparent or white background and around 200px x 200px in size). Now drag and drop or select your logo file.

2. Session Setting- Go to System Settings > Session Setting in Ireava School by default you get 15 years of Sessions data from 2015-16 to 2029-30 but still you want to add more sessions then enter Session (must be in a format like 2015-16, 2016-17, etc.) & click Save button. All the sessions can be seen right side of the page.

3. Notification Setting- Go to System Settings > Notification Setting in Ireava School there are events Student Admission, Exam Result, Fees Submission, Absent Student, Login Credential, Homework Created, Fees Due Reminder and other where automated Email / SMS are sending to concerning person's email / mobile number. To control, when email / SMS notifications will be send use Notification Setting.

4. SMS Setting- Go to System Settings > SMS Setting for SMS notifications to student, guardian, and other users you must have to add SMS Gateway details in Ireava School.

Enable or disable your provided SMS setting here but if you want to use anything other than talk with your Ireava manager.

5. Email Setting- Go to System Settings > Email Setting To send emails from Ireava School you need to configure Email Setting. We will already add your email setting but if you want to use another so you can configure it yourself.

6. Payment Methods- Go to System Settings > Payment Methods, we added your payment gateway already but if you want to use anything other than talk with your Ireava manager.

7. Website CMS Setting- Go to System Settings > Website CMS Setting here we can enable/disable Website CMS, Sidebar, Language RTL Text Mode, check Sidebar Option, upload Logo, Favicon, enter Footer Text, Google Analytics, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Youtube URL, Google Plus, Linkedin URL, Instagram URL, Pinterest URL, map location, app URL and Current Theme.

8. Roles Permissions- Go to System Settings > Roles Permissions here we can create different Roles for staff users and then assign different user permission to this Role. To add a new role enter Role Name then click on the Save button all existing roles can be seen from the right side of this page. By default in Ireava School, you will get 6 user roles SuperAdmin, Admin, Teacher, Accountant, Librarian, Receptionist. You can edit the name or permission of these roles except SuperAdmin. To assign permission click on the Assign Permission button from the Action column. On this page, you can see Module wise different Features and their different Permissions. Carefully assign different permissions on roles. After assigning permission, check where it is affecting the system. There are 4 types of permissions present here View, Add, Edit, and Delete. Here note that if you are assigning Add/Edit or Delete permission then View permission should be given obviously if you have not given View permission then the system can behave inconsistently so in best practice, if you are giving Add/Edit/Delete anyone permission then give View permission too.

9. Backup/Restore- Go to System Settings > Backup/Restore for taking backup of your Ireava School database click on the Create Backup button it will create a .sql file you can download on your local system or Restore back in your system or Delete backup file. You can also Restore database files from the local system click on Choose File select a .sql file from your local system then click on the Upload button.

10. Languages- Go to Systems Settings > Languages, Ireava School language module has been migrated to file-based languages for better performance and ease to management. You can enable multiple languages and select your default language. Below you can find the list of all 70+ languages.

11. Users- Go to System Settings > Users All the users like Student, Parent, and Staff can be seen here and you can enable or disable them from login to User Panel. To enable or disable the user clicks on the toggle button in the Action column.

12. Modules- Go to System Settings > Modules Ireava School comes with 40+ modules but there are 20 modules available to enable/disable from the whole system. Disabling any module will be disabled from Admin/Student and Parent panel at once it works over Roles Permission module so even you have given permission for the module but after disabling module will be disabled from the whole system. To enable/disable simply click on the toggle button present in the Action column. To enable/disable modules/features from the Student and Parent panel use the respective tab.

13. Custom Fields- Go to System Settings > Custom Fields If you want to add any extra field in student or staff then you can add those fields from here. To add a new custom field, select Field Belongs to, Field Type, Field Name, Grid column, Field Values then check for Validation and Visibility then click on the Save button.

14. System Fields- Go to System Settings > System Fields Here you can disable/enable any system fields in student or staff. To enable or disable the user clicks on the toggle button in the Action column.

15. Shortcut Keys- Here you can check the shortcut keys to navigate the module by pressing the keys. This will work in windows.

16. Student Profile Rights- Assign student profile edits right using this module. Select from date to date for the edit rights open. Select the classes from the list. To turn off this setting before the date simply, select backdate from and to date and save it for the classes.

17. Multi Fees Book- Here you can create multiple fee receipt books that will be used to generate fee receipts. Assign receipt number in the receipt to get the receipts using that number. This function will be during the fee collection receipt generate.

18. Holidays CalendarHere you can create a holiday list for the year. In the attendance and event calendar holidays will be automatically shown and teachers will not able to mark attendance for that day.

19. Students Docs Folder- Create a folder for the documents here as Student Identity Documents, SLC, and so on. These folders will be shown in student documents profile and student documents in student management where you can upload documents and manage the same name docs for the whole class.