Ireava ERP Transport Management Module Manual

Transport Management

Manage all your vehicles, drivers, and routes defined for students.

This module has 7 sections -

1. Routes

2. Vehicles

3. Assign Route Vehicle

4. Track Vehicle

5. Student Trans Report

6. Transport Shift

7. Transport Fees Type

First, we will add Routes then add Vehicles then Assign Vehicle on Routes then check Student Transport Report.

1. Routes- Go to Transport > Routes enter Route Title, Fare & click Save button. All the routes can be seen on the right side of this page. Click on the + button to add stop points between the route if any.

2. Vehicles- Go to Transport > Vehicles enter Vehicle No, Vehicle Model, Year Made, Driver Name, Driver License, Driver Contact, Note & click Save button. All the vehicles can be seen on the right side of this page.

3. Assign Route Vehicle- Go to Transport > Assign Vehicle select Route then Vehicle & click Save button. All the assigned vehicles can be seen on the right side of this page.

4. Track Vehicle- Track the live bus location using the timeline view in the real-time update. This will work only if you purchased the GPS Module.

5. Student Trans Report- Here you can view all students list who has availed transport facility. Click on the Add button to select shift, route, and vehicle to assign to the students. Select stop to assign the stop point of that route to the students. 

Fees to the student for the transport will automatically be assigned. You can collect a transport fee in the fees collection module same as other fees.

6. Transport Shift- Create shifts like morning, evening, etc.

7. Transport Fees Type- Define the type of fees for the transport fees collection. Like January fee to December fee if collecting month wise.

Reports Available:

  1. Students Route Report
  2. Route Fees Report
  3. Drivers Report
  4. Route Related Report