Important things to consider before you buy a laptop

First of all, you have to keep in your mind what type of usage you have and consider your usage for the future too. For example, At present, you only have office work but in two or three upcoming years you may have to work in designing, coding, and other kinds of stuff. So, keep in mind your current and future usage.

Never think to buy a high configuration laptop because of coolness or show off it will really cost you if we consider a depreciation factor of 10%. Always buy a laptop as per your requirements.

Main things that you need to consider before buying a laptop for any kind of work.

1. Laptop Screen -- It must be full HD and if retina and what currently in the market with better resolution and anti-glare protection then consider it. Overall, must consider a good resolution screen for any kind of work. The easiest way is to check, what the company is offering you, read about it online you will get your answer.

2. Battery Life -- Must check the battery backup of a laptop. Companies usually admit more than the battery life that we actually get. No one wants to buy a desktop laptop in the name of a laptop.

3. Fan Position -- Must check from where laptop fan is given because if they are at the bottom you will surely get heat problems or hardware failure problems in some coming years. They must be in a side position because we don't have a habit to put a laptop on a table and then work. If we can't take it on our lap because of the heat problems then why we are leaving in the 21st century with so much technology.

4. Laptop Body -- Don't buy a laptop that has a plastic folding part or tight folding and small joints at a folding area. It will break into common scenarios. Always, look for a laptop that has a wide middle joint in the laptop or maybe a metal or hard alloy body.

5. Ports -- Must check for the available ports like USB 3.0, USB 4.0 or higher, HDMI Port, RJ45, Mic, C-type Charging. These ports are really needed but maybe you will not found C-type charging in the low-cost laptops but for other ports must check.

6. Touchpad -- usually people don't check the touchpad but it is also the main thing to check the smoothness and click ability for the touchpad.

These are the basic things that you must check and other things that will vary as per your work, some of them are:

1. Keyboard backlight -- It is really useful when you work at night or any place where light is low. Not just for cool stuff, the keyboard backlight is really useful.

2. Configuration -- Minimum configuration for any kind of laptop is nowadays:

    2.1. RAM -- 4 to 8 GB

    2.2. SSD -- 256 GB (Minimum and install OS in SSD instead of HDD)

    2.3. HDD -- 1 TB (otherwise you may need external HDD or buy a case for internal HDD for worst cases)

    2.4. Processor -- i5 8th gen is minimum and ryzen 5 is minimum for AMD lovers

    2.5. Graphic Card -- Integrated nowadays every company is giving but if dedicated you will get then it is good for people who work as a video editor, gamers, or any kind of editing work.