Most important things you must check before buy ERP

Signing an agreement to ERP company for a yearly license? Don't do it in hurry and don't ever miss these points before signing an agreement because the switch to another ERP is not easy if you only maintain data online. So, read all the points and I'm confident to say to you that you will definitely find the best ERP for your school.

What companies ERP companies show to you:

1. There product demo in which they show you UI, graphics, and their best modules.

2. There customer database. Now the trick is maybe all the customers are not their customers maybe they are only just to mark an impression on you.

3. There best price plan because most of the salespeople know the pricing of the competition but don't know competition companies' modules.

What you have to check? (Most important)

1. If you find multiple ERP of the same UI must check their features and modules because no good company will only buy code and sell it, they must be made the ERP as per your need.

2. Ask your pain points or most used features and ask them to show the working of it because you never want to buy useless ERP.

3. ERP backend language, Database, Database capacity, Server type and configuration, Cron jobs working, ERP loading time without data and with data, Pagination concept, Responsive UI, Working of the features with multiple scenarios. These things are most necessary to check because these are the foundation of ERP. If you don't know these points then study about all these online.

What are the important agreement conditions with the ERP company?

1. Future pricing - Companies may give free licenses or cheap prices for the first year but ask for future pricing terms because companies know it's hard to change ERP next year so they may play this trick with you.

2. Customer support - Must ask for the schools who are already using the same company ERP about the customer support. Most of the companies focus on selling and they don't have dedicated customer support for their clients. 

3. ERP updates - When doing an agreement with the company must check the future ERP updates terms written on the agreement.

4. Custom Development - Schools have different working and structure so must ask the company spokesperson about the custom development if you wanna add as per your requierments whether they can do it or not for you.

If you have any doubt regarding any point or facing any problem in buying the perfect ERP then you can message us, our team will help you to find the best ERP for you.